Friday, May 28, 2010

Field Day and Last day of School

Jackson had field day on Wednesday. It was a fun, but hot day. Lots of games and lots of water.
My goal was to take lots of pictures of Jackson and his friends, but I did not take a single one!! I was so busy running one of the events and never even took my camera out. However, I did have pictures taken of us before and after...

Bright and early that morning

Back home, nice and sweaty. Notice that we both have matted down hair. :)
And it is no coincidence that we have burnt orange shirts!! Each class got a certain color and the mom ordering them knew just how much our class loves the longhorn!!! Except for our teacher...she is an Aggie. Sorry Mrs. L :)
Thursday was the last day of school for both kids. Again, my intention was to take tons of pictures. I was busy saying goodbye and trying not to cry. I couldn't even get a picture of Marisa and Jackson together!
It was a hard day. Even though we still have several weeks before we leave, just pulling out of the parking lot brought tears to my eyes. This is going to a hard place to leave.
I forgot to add this picture to the last post.
Marisa with her awards. So proud of my girl. I can't believe she is now a junior!!!!
Gotta get some sleep. We have three games tomorrow!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Weekend

This weekend, like most, we were at the baseball fields. This was for our tournament team, so we traveled. Not too far, but far enough that we were surrounded by wheat fields. This place was out in the boonies. I'm talking country baseball. Reyno kept saying it reminded him of the movie, "The Rookie". :) The boys did a great job!! I love to see them get so pumped up for the games. They are working really hard to make to the Texas World Series. It will be so fun for them and the parents. All the moms got together to discuss our tshirts and how we are going to bling the out!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!! :)

In other news... Marisa received two awards at the academic banquet. She received the English II award and the World History award. She was so excited and we were beyond proud!!!!! She has had such a great year!!! :)
One week til school is out!! Lots of finals for both kids. And then the fun starts....MOVING!!!!!!!!

I also wanted to add that every year at this time our church honors the graduating Seniors. This is one of my favorites Masses. I love to see all the kids in their gowns from all the different schools. This year we had two Valedictorians and one Salutatorian in the group. I think I cried the entire time. I am just so proud of them and their amazing parents. I love our church so much and the great sense of family I feel every time I'm in there.

Busy week ahead!!!!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I'm Back!!!!!!! This last month has been a blur!!! So many things are happening and not one of them has been about our move. I guess that will over take us next month. We don't have an out date yet, although we do know it will be in July. Our next thing on the list is to get our house on post! I'm hoping for a big house for all my visitors!!! :)

In other news... The month of May started out with prom. Marisa went with a friend and had a great time

She looked so beautiful!!

We headed to Dallas one weekend for my sweet niece's First Communion. It was so wonderful to see her receive this special sacrament.

Beautiful girl!!! She is wearing the veil that Marisa wore at her First Communion. I love you J!!!!

Mom, me and sweet baby Madeline. I love that she is looking up at me!! :)

Reyno, Anthony(proud daddy), Corey, Dad and Jackson!
After the mass we went back to Camille's house for a beautiful lunch. It was a great day!!

Marisa and Jackson with Madeline. They could not get enough of her!!! There were lots of hints from the kids that they would love to have a new sibling!!! I just laughed!! :)
May is a month of end of the year events. It's probably the busiest month of the school year.
Jackson has had two band concerts and two academic awards ceremonies.

Getting ready to play.
And it wouldn't be right if I didn't mention baseball. It is the one thing that we do everyday!!!!

He looks so serious. This is the Rec team that Reyno coaches.
Marisa had her sports banquet this past weekend. I didn't take a single picture!!!
We have her academic awards this week and then finals start.
As much as I am ready for the school year to be over, I want it to slow down a little. I know our time here is running out.