Friday, May 28, 2010

Field Day and Last day of School

Jackson had field day on Wednesday. It was a fun, but hot day. Lots of games and lots of water.
My goal was to take lots of pictures of Jackson and his friends, but I did not take a single one!! I was so busy running one of the events and never even took my camera out. However, I did have pictures taken of us before and after...

Bright and early that morning

Back home, nice and sweaty. Notice that we both have matted down hair. :)
And it is no coincidence that we have burnt orange shirts!! Each class got a certain color and the mom ordering them knew just how much our class loves the longhorn!!! Except for our teacher...she is an Aggie. Sorry Mrs. L :)
Thursday was the last day of school for both kids. Again, my intention was to take tons of pictures. I was busy saying goodbye and trying not to cry. I couldn't even get a picture of Marisa and Jackson together!
It was a hard day. Even though we still have several weeks before we leave, just pulling out of the parking lot brought tears to my eyes. This is going to a hard place to leave.
I forgot to add this picture to the last post.
Marisa with her awards. So proud of my girl. I can't believe she is now a junior!!!!
Gotta get some sleep. We have three games tomorrow!!!

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