Monday, July 5, 2010

June in Review

So here I am trying to play catch up. June has come and gone and to be honest, it was a blur. The month started off with Reyno and Marisa heading east to WP to get our house, check out the schools and to drop off one of the cars. The trip was successful. We got a house and registered both kids in school. Unfortunately they didn't take any pictures.
Jackson and I stayed home for, what else... baseball. We were lucky enough to have a few visitors.

Mom, dad, Camille and Jules came down to keep us company. We had a great time and had breakfast at one of our favorite places... Cracker Barrel.

We all took a trip to Dallas for baby Madeline's baptism. We love being in Dallas because there is so much to do. We went really wild and one night headed to Central Market!! :) We were fascinated with the exotic fruit section.

This was our favorite. I can't remember the name, but the nice produce man cut it open and let us try it. Yummy!!
But the highlight of the trip was the Baptism of this amazing little angel...

I LOVE this picture!!!! She is such a happy baby!!
Corey and Rosemary asked Reyno and I to be her Godparents. We were so honored!!

Proud parents and Godparents and very happy big sister!

All the girls!!!
Camille and I gave her a bracelet and we are putting it on her. I think she was asleep. :)
The rest of the month was spent at the baseball fields.

Jackson and his best friend, Ice

Coach dad handing out trophies.

All Star game. We won!!!!

Our travel team had a players vs parents game to end the regular season.

Jackson is very focused.

I wonder where he gets it... :)
Marisa and I had to get some shopping in. We love going to the bookstore. I love cookbooks and she loves...

This is not a joke. She actually bought that book...for fun!!! :) She is so awesome!!!
We ended the month with a combatives tournament. A very close friend of our family competed and won his weight class. It was very exciting and we are so proud of him!

Jackson and Jason!!

In the octagon. Jackson loved wearing Jason's championship belt!!
We had a very big month. Lots of ups and downs, but with lots of prayers and support, we came out on top.
We have one more exciting adventure before we leave Texas. Jackson's team is going to the Texas World Series!!! We have been very busy blinging shirts! (pics to come).
It's 3:00 am and the packers are coming in the a few hours. I'm not ready, but it's still going to happen because this is what they dropped off at our house..

Sweet Dreams!!!!!!!

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