Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Marisa!!!

Today my sweet, amazing daughter turned 16! It's hard for me to write those words. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. I remember going into labor, and how quickly she came. I remember holding her in my arms. She was so little and so sweet. That day changed my life forever. God had blessed me with this child and he entrusted Reyno and I to raise her. I never could have dreamed for a better daughter. She is smart, caring, funny,outgoing and a pure gift!!! I do not feel worthy of such a gift. I thank God everyday for her. I thank him for allowing me to be her mother.
Marisa, you amaze me. Your faith in God is inspiring. Thank you for being you! I cannot wait to see the adult you become. I look forward to your future and I cherish each day that I spend with you!!!

On a lighter note, I am now the mother of a licenced driver!!!! First thing this morning we headed to the DPS. I was so nervous and she was so excited. Reyno was snapping pictures like crazy!!! :)

Wow!! I haven't seen that big of a smile on her face in a while!!

Here she is this afternoon going to hang out with her friend. To say that I was a little nervous is an understatement!! I stood in the driveway watching my baby drive off. I barely kept it together. :) I made her call me as soon as she got there.
It's been a very big day. Happy Sweet 16 Marisa!!!!


  1. What a lucky girl she is to have a momma like you.