Monday, December 21, 2009


Saturday we headed down to Austin for the day. We didn't have any set plans, we just wanted to be around campus and hang out.
Our first stop was to the CO-OP.

I think it's Jackson's favorite place in Austin, other than the stadium. :) We shopped and stocked up on more longhorn gear(like we really needed it)!
As we were driving, we came across this...

I sure do wish we had come early because this might have been our Christmas card picture.

Now the real reason I love going to Austin is to eat. I know that there are TONS of great restaurants in Austin, but when we asked the kids where they wanted to eat, this is what they said...

And when you eat at Double Dave's this is what you eat...

Yummy pepperoni rolls!!! And yes, there where only four of us eating!!! They were so tasting!
And there is only one place for dessert
I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy eating yummy cinnamon ice cream!!
We had a great day just being together. I hope we can get a few more visits to Austin before we have to move!
Mary Madeline

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