Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Parade and Program

Monday night was the town's annual Christmas parade. This year both of our schools did a combined float and the kids got to ride on it. The theme was Christmas in the 40's. Marisa played the grandma and Jackson was one of the kids. They were so cute!

Did I mention that is was freezing and raining?? Great parade weather! :) Once we got the kids settled on the float we decided to head some place warm until the end of the parade.

So we stopped off for a little snack. And this is where I discovered heaven in a cup! It's the caramel apple spice. I have never tasted something this good!!!

We had I nice time chatting while our children drove around town, freezing on the float!!
Last night was Jackson's school Christmas program. He was asked to be one of the narrators. He read so beautifully. We were so proud of him.

And in case you didn't get the memo......

Our Longhorns won the Big 12 Championship!!!!!! (barely)
Can't wait for the big game in January!!!!!

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  1. how fun!!! did they freeze their patuties off?