Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Decorations and A big Texas Thank You

I want to start this post off by saying a big Texas thank you to our sweet friends, the Ruth's!! The night Reyno came home from Iraq, we got a call from a man saying he had something to bring us that the Ruth's ordered for us. I was very excited, but I had no idea what it could be.
Well it was just the best gift in the world!!!! And something I have wanted for awhile...

Is this not the greatest thing ever??? The sweet man who delivered it said to make sure we secure it because people like to steal these! I can't wait to put this in my new front yard when we get to New York. I might just keep it up all year!! Thank you Stephen and Bettina!!! We love it so much! And we miss you like crazy!!

We have finally finished decorating. Both kids were home tonight so we got to decorate the tree together.

Our tree is very homemade. I remember growing up looking at all the homemade ornaments on our tree and my mom loving everyone of them. Well now that is how my tree is and I just love it. We were laughing as we were pulling them out. Now that the kids are older, I don't get as many, but they said they would make me some this year.

Happy to be finished!!

This year we added a new one. Marisa wanted a more themed tree. This picture is a little blurry.

The mantle is plain, but I like how it turned out.

I ordered this wreath our first Christmas in Hawaii. Jackson was just three months old and this is the first thing we had with all four of our names on it. I love this so much!

We have a big day of football tomorrow. The Longhorns are going for the Big 12 Championship. It's going to be a great game!!!

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